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We make the lightest and strongest wood bike fenders right here in Bellingham Washington.

Oh yes, they're ALL compound curved of course, always have been! That means thay're NOT FLAT.

Visit the Photo Gallery to see the fenders and bikes close up.  A Bike Friday was just seen sporting some woodies, check it out.

Custom one of kind fenders or a production run of the same type can all be accomodated.

Call (360) 671-6420 or Contact AWF/ Creative Openings to get your's started today!

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Prices start at $99 per Fender

With years of delivering top notch custom doors, Creative Openings  is now delivering the very best in modern wood bike fenders for road, mountain and commuter bicycles.

Custom Wood Bike Fenders in the Sun Curing

Tom Anderson, AWF/ Creative Openings owner is an avid commuter, mountain and road biker.

Any kind of wood, inlays or designs are possible, imagine your dream set of wood fenders.

Call (360) 671-6420  or Contact AWF/ Creative Openings to get your's started today!


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